(6/18) Cult-ish number cars "9888", cult-based band man, park cult man, cult ambulance, Cult-ish schoolgirl population, before wicket cult man, cult granny group, cult car number "999", ambush cult ambulance


Today, if there is errands to Ikebukuro, I went.

Omitted the middle

When I arrived to the building where there is Ikebukuro seminar, before the entrance of the man, the tracks of the Cult-ish number "9888" has had been stopped in the city see this.

This is assuming that the cult car, I have, come is, it seems to have been found.

Well, because always there are tailing and monitoring,Well it can be seen!

In addition, in the net, also the I have seen, it seems to grasp.

Or Tempest? Integrally How Yu way, my PC does not know what has been shaken Tosa.

Well, cult followers, because being in all of the company, it's because I have there are believers in line skilled in the art that are using, something to the access point, also in the monitoring device, is attached, wirelessly, skip monitors It may be.

Alternatively, it intercepts radio, though able to decrypt the wireless channel, and whether is monitoring?

Alternatively, you can beat the encryption of the wireless line, there is a possibility that you are looking at.

This cult organization, so also has the University, in the laboratory of the University, and falsely the object, there is a possibility that such as study of decryption.

Use up to police officers and firefighters, if this cult organization that organized the stalker, so do not choose the means, it would seem that there is even the possibility of such a thing.

Also, at 3:00 of midnight, if you happened to the WiFi to ON, even though it was up to the quiet, still, sounding sirens, ambulance, because I came running, mad degree of this cult organizations, I think you get to know .

In other words, for the WiFi, surely, in the next room, the thing that has been monitored for 24 hours monitor.

If, if you are such a thing, it is completely crime.

At the seminar, and is attached to the seat, a man of skinheads came from later, and sit next to me, put out a smartphone, it took a blackboard in the photo.

However, I have from over there, at the moment removed the line of sight, also, shutter sound was.

Guy, you might cult operatives.

First time takes the blackboard, the second time, at the timing at which I have not seen, by switching the camera, in the take yourself, and pretend that taking a blackboard, there is a possibility that took me.

Usually, there is a handout, to Mai is' s students, all the way, until the blackboard, the guy to take photos, no.

Therefore, this guy is, there it is not likely an ordinary attendees.

Thus, the old man of the skin head that looks to this 60 years old or 70 years old might cultists operatives.

Apparently, the cult organization, to take the photographic evidence that I'll have, like has been said, is not limited to this time, deliberately, cultists operatives to try to take me in the photograph, the past also had a large number It is the fact.

Seminar is the end, when coming out of the building,

Sure enough, in front of the exit, young cult man ethics is low likely to see is because, in a crouch mobile, had a story.
(Of course, then, the ambulance came running is, needless to say.)

This guy is a watch-contact personnel of the cult.

Its horizontal, had stopped a white 1BOX.

In the adjacent park, stood a man of dark suits, I was looking around.

This guy also, I would watch the cult

Here in towards the back, just standing there, it's unnatural.

Then, suddenly to the sound of sirens, cult-based ambulance, I have run the back of the main street.

Sure enough, cult organization, in cooperation, have been mobilized ambulance of cult system for encounter work.

After all, it came! Nagging ambulance encounter work the!

I get pass the cult ambulance, and walk beside the road of Sunshine, in turn, is supposed red 1BOX type postal cars not rarely,

Suddenly, it has crowded ran next to the road.

This is also completely, is a postal vehicle cult system, the targeted, had been the encounter work, it is clear.

Omitted the middle

In S station, get off, go to the ticket gate of the subway of S Station, Cult-ish schoolgirl who is, as I was in accordance with the timing to enter the ticket gate, I came into the mass.

Why, also still, even though neither the time school ends, I wonder if there are high school girls in so large quantities?

Of course, this is also because there is a possibility of the cult of work, I stopped to enter the ticket gate.

From the back, if you try to go to the back of the ticket gate, also from the middle of the stairs, the population of high school students, came out,

If you go in the back, it came out from the back.

What? , These guys, though, it was split up, and dispersed, and have a such as those engineered action.

Also, go to the back of the ticket gate, here is, in here, the granny of the cult system has been ambushed four or five, from a distance, while looking at the person who I will come, if you are ambushed, and with me is about to enter , deliberately, to match the timing, in front of me, one after another, take the escalator, I has been interference so as not to ride. Also, in the back, so I had, because it was likely to be in the pincer attack, and ride the escalator was stopped.

I is that the Ri ride on an escalator, had been disturbing 100%.

Such sabotage is a strategy cult we do well.

Maybe, these guys, cult Granny us.

So, I'm at the end in the vicinity of the vehicle up of home is carried out down the stairs, and waiting, the previous high school girl who is, also, it came in large quantities.

What a do it, these guys!

These guys are, and those who got off to bother, even though came to the opposite side of the end, this cult smell schoolgirl populations, purposely, to the end that I have are from the home of the end, or was walked, probably funny Whoo me!

Completely, but it has been dogged!

Of course, I was leaving there, move to distant down side home.

I and even the replacement, I think that part of the work of cult that will give apprentice.

Previously, such work has been often.

In ik station, get off the course, and finished the errands, and come back to the station of the west entrance, cult man of the suit, in front of the ticket gate, had been ambushed.

Guy, it's lookout of cult.

In ih station, when you leave the West Exit ticket gate, after all, before wicket, the sentinels cult man that pretend to have seen a map of the wall stood.
2015-6-18 12-52-25 改札前で見張るカルト信者h

Upon exiting the northwest exit, on the right side of the shadow of the exit, three or four of the cult grandmother of the population, had been ambushed.

I'll either come up the stairs, I was peeping through the exit.

And, I'll take the exit, the home direction, looking, also, sure enough, on the road of the opposite opposite side of the apartment, cult-based ambulance had been ambushed.

Originally, I have, at the timing of the exit, but probably was the strategy to be encountered, I have, since the stopover, it would had been waiting!

Cult ambulance hall, cheers for hard work! Even It's hard to be encountered! Ambush or to!

In addition, the stop position is, at a position where the impossible, take the northwest exit, from Seven side, even back, via the back of MINISTOP, even back from the back, the apartment next to the road that can be encountered 100% It was exit front.

Cult who also equivalent, can be calculated, Na has been encountered work!

Nearby ih intersection, if you are monitoring, but I think understood, unnatural, or to pass the ambulance frequently, within 100m from the intersection, frequently, it is to or has stopped.

Ambulance is also than there is that ambulance cult system of encounter purpose.

Police car also, to pass through the more frequent unnatural, sometimes, it is to or has been stopped.

Of course, a police car also is the is present because a police car of cult system.

Enters the P, when up the stairs, sure enough, on the back, the track of whitish private garbage trucks of cult number "999", had been stopped conspicuously.
2015-6-18 12-52-25 マンション裏に止まっていたカルトナンバー車「999」hk

I nagging! Cult us! Cult number vehicles!

In addition, by the time get to the back door, the back of the cult smell granny is, also, good timing, by bicycle, it came.
2015-6-18 12-52-25 しつこく付き纏う裏のカルトばあさんh
Maybe, cult granny! You'll have dogged!

I have, the sentence you write a blog without connecting to the net, and begin to draft,

Guy on the north side of the next room is, a sound like vibration drill, such as open at hole in the wall, it was.

However, the noise in the IC recorder, if you try to record, the sound, ceased.

Previously also wrote that possibility, still, apparently, I have, in the room, what is or was, it seems to grasp.

Perhaps, in a concrete Mike, that you are monitoring, and probably have also shaken and. Because it is a huge cult organization.

After a while, also, it began.

This time, it was recording.
"The sound that hit the wall"

And you say, but that the cult followers to all companies.

Of course, it's also a doctor also to station staff to security guards to police to firefighters.

That's firefighters and police officers, the 10% or more, is a believer of cult organizations.

Overseas, of course, the followers of this kind of cult organizations to get to public office, it is're prohibited by law.

However, Japan is unchecked, the foreign, is that it is impossible.

They are, though it is public office, such as firefighters, is of a criminal act, such as a stalker as a cult organization is organizational.

This is a completely illegal act, is a criminal act worthy of arrest.

This cult organizations, overseas such as France, if you have specified in the anti-social and dangerous sect "cult", to be monitored.

It would otherwise, even in Japan, like the "Aum Shinrikyo", I ought to be monitored.

It is, and say or why can not, such as also the national institutions and government agencies, it is because the large amount of followers have invaded.

This problem is the same as such as IS, is an international terrorism problem.

Huge cult organizations, proudly, run the human rights terrorism, because he has begun to hijack the state institutions.

National feature of Japan, because there is enough potential to fall into the hands of cult organizations.

They, because the believers of the cult organizations such as firefighters and police, not the stalking is a lie,

By cult organization, Shimizu's female talent that was death relegated in his lifetime, voice recording that was speaking monk, also on the net, have clearly real, and heard the voice, of followers of cult organizations firefighter and police officers we, had been the stalking, it is clear.

They, cult organizations, and sue the fact that you have that kind of stalking, it is are you also work to induce to mental illness.

On the net by this fact also "AGSAS" Mr., it is the has been demonstrated.

Therefore, it is a global problem.

Please report this fact to the United Nations Human Rights Council.






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