(5/13) cult blue Pato, cult of the lookout, cult security guards, cult patrol car


Today, it was done!


Exit the room, go to the first floor, custodian of Aunt supposed to patrol is, even though afternoon, had.

Then, depending on the garbage room, put the garbage, was out in the back.

Then, in the normal no position, it had been parked the car and another one single another car that appeared to maintenance suppliers of car.

What was is bad feeling.

Through from it, the P, and out on the sidewalk, and walk toward the ih station, before the station entrance, I was suspicious and cult smell people're just.
2015-5-13 13-18-56 駅入口前にいるカルト臭い不審な人たちh

Prior this station exit, because nothing, it is not a accumulate such a place.

I usually, nobody.

Even if the intersection of the signal becomes blue, without also over, it was to have.

Koitsu-rawa, is likely to be a cult followers operatives us.

In addition, from P, when it came out on the sidewalk, a man who was in front, raised his hand,

Also, when I'll be about to enter the station, even the old man to the left of the bicycle is raised his hand, and seemed to be signaled.

Then, the moment you try to enter the station, by chance, if you look towards the intersection

What, after all, Itayo!

to the top of the south side of ih intersection, deliberately, and facing here, by turning the blue revolving light, it had been parked ostentatiously.

Is blue Pato.

Completely, it is a cult of work.

Of course, blue Pato is a subordinate organization of the cult organization.

I have, the going towards the station direction, as if to know, from that direction, I was facing here.

At this time, even on the sidewalk, probably, I think that such cult of lookout has had.

And, if you try to enter the station, cult woman who was hiding at the entrance of the shadow of the station is to have a mobile in the chest, toward the lens here, as hit to me on purpose, did come out, it has been found .
2015-5-13 13-18-56 駅入口で、待伏せしていた携帯カルト女h

If you check the image, the toe of the cult woman, for a while, from the front, was found and that is reflected.

In other words, if you are ambush hiding behind, in the signal, it is believed that jumped out.

In other words, deliberately, as hit, and it came out.

In addition, mobile, had taken me, in order to report my clothes of today, deliberately, to shoot me up, it is believed that was delivered to the fellow.

Middle, abridgement

About Ikebukuro Station, and is walking the campus, from the opposite side, a man guards style cult system, deliberately, as aimed at to encounter to me, to come walking, was passed by my side.

Then, in the Sunshine direction of the exit, and headed, in the middle of the passage, it was a completely cult aunt that a lookout.
2015-5-13 13-48-23 駅通路で見張りをしていて急に顔を隠すカルトおばさんh
As I approached, suddenly, it was the operation that hide by hand the face.

Of course, since in the hand-held digital camera or video or smartphone, do not mean that openly shooting, ordinary people, that has been taken is a buzz you do not notice.

Conversely, if you notice that it has been taken, it is not an ordinary person, it comes to cult followers operatives.

I, after passing, at any time, or move to, from out of sight, implicitly, it was a look.

Then, sure enough, I'll past the horizontal, and a little to, I walked in the direction I go.

Maybe, it is believed that it was scheduled to arrive in the back of me.

However, when looking, separately, and nor was anyone and waiting.

One person, and walked.

Completely, it is the aunt of watch personnel of cult.

Lookout of the features of the cult, in this way, on purpose to me in front of the field of view, to enter, it is standing for a long time.

Many, in the mobile phone, while talking, and he has followed in the eye.

However, everyone, there is a plan, this way, do not move for a long time, in the same place, without moving, mobile, the guy of the wind that is the telephone, unexpectedly, in fact, something that is not.
Therefore, the kind of guy is, put it, almost, no doubt, it is a watch officer and liaison cult followers.

Then, out of the underground, the Sunshine Street, it went on, for a while, and walk, after all, Itayo!

Sure enough, in order to behold this, just of Sunshine Street, in the middle of the position of the ending end, towards the horizontal,

Overall, they had parked a red car.

2015-5-13 13-48-23 サンシャイン通りの端に停まっていたカルト臭い赤い車
Maybe, it would be 1BOX type of fire truck!

Usually, even if there is errands to this street, in the middle of the road, it will not stop!

Sure enough, I wanted to do!

Then, at the entrance of the Sunshine of Tokyu Hands, and go into,

For some reason, security guards, at the entrance of the wall towards the back, pointing at me, I stood two people.
2015-5-13 13-48-23 サンシャイン入口にいたカルト警備員2人組
If you look closely, the last time, even though did not Nante mask, whether the contact is said, for some reason, if you have a mask, the other one, towards the back.

Of course, since in the hand-held digital camera or video or smartphone, do not mean that openly shooting, ordinary people, that has been taken is a buzz you do not notice.

Conversely, if you notice that it has been taken, it is not an ordinary person, it comes to cult followers operatives.

I, these guys are, but do not know where the Who's, Koitsu-rawa, as if he knew me, and had reacted.

Like, I have, been found to come direction, it's as if it had been ambushed.

Maybe, it seems Koitsu-rawa, it's guards cult system.

In fact, security guards, pretty, cult followers, he often.

In the past, the various Came guards were many, it's the evidence.

Then, down to the basement, it goes further, another one, also appeared in the path of the inside.

Absolutely, it seems that he wants to encounter me.
And it has done so errands, take the escalator, and the exit of Tokyu Hands,

That come out cult smell woman who was looking towards me is, suddenly, was moved to the side.

And it seems to have been contact.

Maybe this guy, would Stuttgart lookout of the of!

In addition, feeling the strange line of sight in the back, and looked back, behind, to the recessed location, to a man, while looking at me, mobile, it had been contact.

Haha, this guy's watch-liaison cult.

So, of course, then, in response to the guy contact, patrol car of cult system, it had appeared in the front direction, it is needless to say.
While I think so, in turn, the came direction, in Ikebukuro direction of the reverse direction, and walk, again, appeared.

Here also, in the direction is headed, in front of the street, it appeared.

Now it's a police car of cult system is turning the red revolving light.
2015-5-13 15-50-32 地下入口横で待伏せしていたカルトパトカー
After all, it appears!

Well, of course, because the cult of lookout was contact, it came to be, no doubt.

Again, even in the Ikebukuro police station, it means there are believers member of cult organizations.

More than 10% of the police, is a believer member of cult organizations.

Of course, in cooperation with the cult fellow, a calm, it means that even stalking.

And, I have to walk, go, patrol car of the cult system, it was to take the strange behavior.

Usually, the front of the station, in the patrol car, if patrol, while traveling, it should pass.

However, this cult police car, for some reason, I have, next to the underpass of the entrance to enter, stopped by, and he was no longer move at all.

That, though, is underpass entrance I enter, it's operations, such as are known.

Clearly, to me, to look reliably, it was parked right beside is, no doubt.

Normally, such operations will not.

The police car that is a police car of cult followers, not 100% sure.
For example, although believers member of cult organizations, at all, it's a cop that the enforcement of the law.

This, and is a stalker criminal acts are doing to organizational, is the fact that hard to believe.

Really, it will be stunned.

I wonder you say such a thing is allowed to?

At all, Japan is a rule of law state.

Never, and should not leave the state.

Then, enter the underground, train transit, at home station, I got off.

Then, the exit, through a shortcut P, and went to the back door.

Then, the place went up the stairs, also, just, have parked Yamato car cult system,

2015-5-13 16-23-15 マンション裏で待伏せしていたカルト系ヤマト車h
During, and hastily, it had a deliveryman of cult system that you are trying to move the car.

Perhaps I will come back at the back side, it seems that it was the ambush-watch.

Like me, such as security guards or station staff of the patrol car and cult system of fire trucks and cult system of cult system, who is the encounter work is, never, not only me,

Besides, it is the have a lot of victims.

For example,
In addition, there is also a blog of the person who had received a similar emergency vehicle haunted.

「ある日突然、集団ストーカーの被害者に」More excerpt.

Haunted police relationship, please take a look at the links below.
警察の付きまとい 大津いじめ問題と集団ストーカーなど

In addition, by the cult of our work, there is also that it is said Yukiko Shimizu female talent that was forced to commit suicide with.

In TV, the cult believers in the TV station, but they've been in the care of depression, such a thing, is that it is a lie, hoax, if people to take a look at the following, I think to be self-explanatory.

I think she also, that it had received a haunted due to police car of cult system, found to.
(AGSAS)さんのサイト「An Anti-Governmental Stalking Activity Site(AGSAS)」It is more of the excerpt.
The sound is located in the link below, please ask.
In addition, those documented are located in the link below. Please have a look
In Japanese society, evil cult organizations, have infested, and he has a double society.

And this cult organization, the person is not involved, but not visible only to one of the society is the rule of law state,

Like me, from a woman solicitor of cult organizations, will likely to be solicitation, to escape, to the man who was avoided,

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and with a watch, every time you walk outside, systematically, and he comes to the stalking.

Of course, people who refused the invitation also I think is so.

In reality, cult organizations like this kind of secret police dominate the part of society, and to say that distorted the Japanese society by the illegal crime, at all, that there is a fact that it is not policed, Japanese people, everyone must know.

In many foreign countries, such as France, this huge cult organizations of Japan, as a dangerous organization in the anti-social, it's such much that is specified in the cult.

In foreign countries, such as France, but this cult organization is set to be monitored,
In Japan, I have become a monitoring of this cult organization.
Which it is, correct, or thing seen by considering normally.

So, in order to eliminate this kind of antisocial huge human rights terrorist organization, and he must Ika and effort.

It is a Japanese citizen of obligation.

In this way, in Japan, by the cult group, is performed organized stalker crime to a particular individual, that human rights violations have occurred, certainly, around the world, we have news, such human rights violations as there is no, please cooperation.

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